Kickstarter video production - Why you should hire a professional agency.

The crowdfunding campaign market has seen a boom since it’s inception nearly 10 years ago. Creating an engaging and professional Kickstarter video using a video production agency based in Hong Kong is essential to success, especially in a city where it’s easy to find great locations to shoot. Video content has become the most effective way to capture the attention of potential backers and convince them to invest in your idea. It can be used not only on the campaign page itself but also on any of the social media channels that you might utilise, as well as other landing pages, email campaigns and at trade shows. 

A well-produced Kickstarter video can make a lasting impression on viewers and help to convey your passion and vision in a way that words and images alone cannot. Here are some of the reasons why creating a professional video is crucial for your Kickstarter campaign:

  1. It grabs attention: The first few seconds of your Kickstarter video are critical. You need to grab the attention of viewers right away, and a professionally produced video can help you do just that. A high-quality video with clear audio and stunning visuals will make people stop and take notice.
  2. It showcases your idea: A well-produced video can help you convey the details of your idea in a way that is easy to understand and memorable. It allows you to highlight the features and benefits of your product or service and demonstrate how it works in action.

  3. It creates an emotional connection: Video has the power to create an emotional connection with viewers, which is essential for building trust and convincing people to back your project. A professionally produced video can help you tell your story in a way that resonates with people and makes them want to be a part of it.

  4. It sets you apart: A professional Kickstarter video can help you stand out from the competition. In a sea of campaigns vying for attention, a well-produced video can help you grab the spotlight and get noticed by potential backers.

  5. It increases the likelihood of success: According to Kickstarter, campaigns with a video have a success rate of 50%, compared to just 30% for those without. A professionally produced video can help you increase your chances of reaching your funding goal and turning your idea into a reality.

To ensure that your Kickstarter video is as effective as possible, it’s essential to work with a professional video production agency that specialises in Kickstarter campaigns. These agencies have experience creating videos that are tailored to the needs of Kickstarter campaigns, and they understand what it takes to create a successful video that resonates with viewers.

When choosing a video production agency for your Kickstarter campaign, look for one that has a proven track record of success, specialises in Kickstarter campaigns, and has experience working in your industry. Be sure to ask for references and examples of their work, and make sure you feel comfortable with their team and their approach.

In conclusion, a professionally produced Kickstarter video is essential for the success of your campaign. It’s your opportunity to showcase your idea, create an emotional connection with viewers, and increase your chances of reaching your funding goal. By working with a professional video production agency, you can ensure that your video is engaging, memorable, and effective.