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Creating video content for brands in Hong Kong.

No matter what industry your company is in, it's vital you produce high quality, strategic video content. We make videos that are ideal for branding, social media, product demos and more.

Video production agency in Hong Kong

Eighty Eight Pixels - Video production agency with over 15 years of experience.

We’ve produced literally 1000’s of pieces of online video content and our approach is fairly unique within the industry. All our videos are planned in a mindful way, while also ensuring that you get as much from your content as possible. Sometimes it’s not necessary to film anything at all, we have in the past utilised stock media and other online resources to complete projects. 

If your company is looking to produce unique, strategic content then we’d love to hear from you!

Some featured video production examples.

Brightcove testimonials.

This project was used by Brightcove to showcase their world leading online content platform. Two videos were produced for TV5Monde and Mirum where they discussed the advantages of working with Brightcove. 

Testimonials are the best way to educate your audience on the reasons why your company is trusted. This powerful social selling tactic is key when building trust with potential customers and clients 

Output Fitness.

Output Fitness wanted to use some existing footage to celebrate their re-opening. Using existing footage helps brands to keep refreshing their content without the need to produce anything new.

Intact Teams.

Jessica runs her own business training individuals and companies make changes and reach their potential. We shot a series of short interview videos introducing 5 of her top tips for business success.

Catalyst Lifestyle.

Catalyst make waterproof iPhone cases and needed a video shot around the world but on a budget. They achieved this by providing footage shot by their own customers whist using a Catalyst Case. 

Dragon Law brand video.

For this production Dragon Law wanted to create a video that would show their new online legal documents platform. They allow users to create documents online, increasing productivity, saving money and resources. 

They needed a video that would not just give a walkthrough of the system but also one that would mix animation and real world video that would do their platform justice.

Video production is a 4 step process.

We don’t skip any of these vital parts of the process so you get your content produced on time and within budget. 


We start by asking lots of questions to make sure we understand your company mission and vision. During this fact finding stage we explore different options to ensure your video not only looks great but will help you achieve the goals outlined in your strategy. 


Once the discovery stage is complete, we move into the pre-production phase. Much like the blueprints for a building this is where all the planning is done. We create scripts and storyboards, scout locations, hire talent and much more. Some companies skip this phase which can be costly to the end production. 


We now have all the plans in place so we’re ready for the fun part, it’s time to shoot! Some videos are shot in a studio, some on location, it all depends on what type of content we’re creating. Some video shoots need just 1-2 people, others over 10 but we scale up and down based on the needs of the video.  

Post Production.

The final stage is to get all the footage and assets in a timeline and begin to put the story together. When editing videos we will add music, graphics, voiceovers and music to bring your production to life. Once the video is edited your video will be sent for review, after any changes are made the final video will be delivered via a secure download. 

We optimise for different platforms

Versioning is a great way to turn a single piece of content into multiple pieces. Square or horizontal for ads and reels.


If you’re promoting online via Facebook ads or just want to put your video on your instagram feed it’s vital to get your video exported at the correct aspect ratio to ensure you avoid black bars top and bottom. 


Portrait orientation.

Ideal for reels and stories this format becoming hugely popular and one of the main ways your customers will discover and share your content. We suggest reels for any business that has an active presence on Instagram, the more 


If you need a custom resolution or aspect ratio we can output anything you need. Perfect for a more cinematic look or for displaying on specific devices. 

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