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It can be difficult for businesses getting started and scaling to concentrate on their marketing communications. We have worked with many companies in your position to help take the creative off their hands. we can make anything from animated explainer videos, product launch videos, kickstarter crowdfunding videos, content for social media campaigns and much more. 

We have worked with many startups and small businesses to create content which helps them differentiate, raise funding, increase engagement and sell more products.  

If you need to make some creative, bespoke content we’d love to hear from you. 

Featured Startup video production examples.

Output Fitness.

Output Fitness wanted to promote the re-opening of their gym after being shut down for several months due to local covid restrictions. We used this content on their website and social media channels. The main video was also cut into 3 sections to make versions for reels to help increase the visibility of the campaign. This is a great way to create multiple pieces of content from a single video, making the investment much more valuable.

Xtra8 Water.

Xtra8 Water were launching their brand in Hong Kong and needed a series of short videos to help with their online and in-store promotions. These videos were used on social media and in-store POS. 

Veterinary Specialist Hospital.

Veterinary Specialist Hospital needed a video to help with their recruitment of vets that mainly come from the US. We showcased not just the hospital but the reasons to live and work in Hong Kong. 

Aqua Terra Performance.

Aqua Terra Performance are a boutique personal training studio based in Hong Kong. We shot a profile video with Aqua Terra Performance to explore how the fitness industry has evolved over the past couple of years. 

Defin8 Fitness Brand Ambassador Video.

It’s really important to produce high quality testimonial style content to help leverage collaborations with brand ambassadors. If you have invested in professionals to help boost your reach and increase your online footprint. In this example Trixie, the owner of Defin8 Fitness helps explain why Nosh is her go-to company for daily meal plans. 

Dragon Law brand video.

For this production Dragon Law (now Zegal) wanted to create a video that would show their new online legal documents platform. They allow users to create documents online, increasing productivity, saving money and resources. 

Intact Teams.

Jessica is a business coach who works with large companies and executives help them make changes and reach their potential. We shot a series of 5 short videos to help with her sales funnel.

Team Envisage.

Team Envisage are a Singapore based group of MMA fighters, we shot this video during an ADCC tournament to help promote both the team and the sport in general. This content was used on social media. 


MommyDaddyMe wanted animated explainer video to showcase their new online learning platform. They supplied the assets and we got the video edited adding a voiceover and music soundtrack, both of which were sourced online.

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